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Who is Creative-Leadership Consultants, Inc.?

Creative-Leadership Consultants, Inc. is a hiring specialist, training people who wish to upgrade their skills in people selection, and providing executive search services, using the Choosing Winners System; a 5 step systematic approach to people selection.

Who are our clients?

Our clients range from manufacturing to high technology, from service industries to school districts, having as few as three employees to more than 4,000 employees. Among the many valued clients are: Aero Union, Ampco Products, Inc., B&G Manufacturing, Crist Industries, Great Lakes Industry, Kingsbury, Inc., Leegin, M&C Specialties, Nelson Container, Inc., QSI, Inc., Rex Materials Group, RDM of Minnesota, Roscoe Steel, and Tara Materials, Inc.

To see what our clients have to say about us you can read our Client Testimonials.

Our approach to the selection of people is systematic and enables leaders to quantify information so that intelligent and effective decisions can be made about human issues in an organization. Using the Choosing Winners System, including validated structured interviews, Creative-Leadership gives clients the information to make meaningful individual and organizational changes. This system provides many benefits for our clients.

Why is our selection system unique?

Our employee selection system, the Choosing Winners System, is a five step process which not only provides the user with a lot of information, but also the tools necessary to quantify the information. By following the five steps, Define, Score, Screen, Probe and Confirm, information discovered about the candidate is quantified and compared to a set criteria. You can have Creative-Leadership conduct the process for you in the selection of one or more key leadership positions, or you can participate in training sessions and learn how to use the system in your organization.

How does this work?

We assist you with the selection of key leaders by using the Choosing Winners System . We define the position and quantify the attributes of the person you are looking for. We advertise strategically and use several assessment instruments in the process. We charge a flat fee (not based on the employee's compensation). We provide interview skill training as part of the total process and we meet with you and the new employee to develop the orientation program and growth plan. And, we guarantee results.

What are structured interviews?

A structured interview consists of a set of prepared questions which are read to an interviewee in the prescribed order. The questions elicit attitudes, beliefs and behaviors from the interviewee which are then compared to a set criteria. The criteria is based upon research studies of how the very best, in the respective position, answer the questions. In some instances organizations have Creative-Leadership develop interviews for them based upon their very best people.

Want more information?

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